Installing CPE for Us


This document describes the installation of Steve Polyak's CPE which runs under Java 1.2. A version able to run under Java 1.1.x which has an additional process model export facility to SRI ACTs is included.

Materials Required

Java Run Time Environment.

You need a Java run time environment that matches both the machine you want to run CPE on and the version of Java the version of CPE that you want to run requires. You can download run-time environments from:

CPE Java code

You will need the Java code that makes up CPE. It currently exists in the following versions

The files are a JAR achieve, download them and place them in the directory where you want the code to be.

Installing CPE

Install the JAVA Run Time Environment of your choice as per Sun's instructions.

Extract you chosen version of CPE with the command "jar -xvf <filename.jar>". Compile it with "javac -O *.java". Run it with "java cpe".

An example CPE model for SUO MOUT is available at: operation-san-roberto.cde