File translator

Author: Jeff Dalton

Main-program class: ix.test.TranslateFile

Command-line arguments:

  file-name file-name ... file-type



If the first command-line argument is -help, it prints a brief description of the available file syntaxes.

Otherwise, the arguments must be a sequence of file-names, separated by spaces and followed by a file-type. For example, assuming Unix-style filename expansion, the arguments

   test-domains/*.lsp domain-library/*.lsp xml
would ask the translator to translate every ".lsp" file in "test-domains" and in "domain-library" to ".xml" files, with each ".xml" file in the same directory as its corresponding ".lsp" source.

A progress message is printed before each file is translated.

Note that the input files needn't all represent the same type of object. For instance, some of them might contain plans and others domains. However, the output type should be one that can handle all of those different objects.

Jeff Dalton <>