Synchronized State

Using synchronized state with process panels

Synchronized state can be used with I-P2 or agents that are implemented as Ip2 subclasses such as I-Plan and I-Serve. For a group of agents that are coordinating their state, one must be selected as a server; the others are clients.

The agent extension mechanism is used to tell an agent to use synchronized state.

The server's list of extension-classes must inclide ix.ip2.SyncStateServer, for instance by specifying a command-line argument or props file entry

The server must be started and be fully up and running before any clients start running.

A client's extension-classes must include ix.ip2.SyncStateClient. In addition it must have a command-line argument or props file entry for "sync-state-server". The value is the symbol/ipc name of the agent that is acting as the server. For example, a props file could contain:


Some current limitations

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