A BNF-generator for the XML syntax

Author: Jeff Dalton

Main-program class: ix.util.xml.BNFSyntax

Command-line arguments: None.


It uses the Java console and enters a loop that asks for a "Class name:" then prints the syntax for instances of that class (if it knows it) and of related classes (if it knows what they are). The class name should be written as in I-X XML: lower-case with dashes between words rather than using Java-style capitalisation, though Java-style will usually also work.

Typing "domain", for example, will get a description of the Domain class and of the classes of objects that can appear in domains or inside objcets in domains.

The output is BNF-like and so should be reasonably easy to understand.

Type "bye" to exit.

For a description of the notation used by this program, see the BNF section of I-X XML Syntax.

Jeff Dalton <J.Dalton@ed.ac.uk>