File-to-file I-Plan

Author: Jeff Dalton

Main-program class: ix.test.FilePlanner

Command-line arguments:

The domain to use when planning. This must be given.
A initial plan that sets up the planning problem. This is optional, but if it is not given, a task must be.
This is an alternative to specifying a plan, although both can be given. The pattern is turned into an activity which is then added to the initial plan that's given to the planner. The pattern is typically a sequence of words, numbers, etc separated by spaces, that is meaningful in the domain. For example, "test1", "drive-to Glasgow".
A domain and either a plan or a task must be speficied; the remaining arguments are all optional:
The number of plans to generate (defaults to 1).
The directory where output plans should be put. If no directory is specified, the directory containing the initial plan is used, if an initial plan was given, or else the directory containing the domain.
The file type to use for output plans. If this is not specified, the type of the initial plan's file is used, if an initial plan was given; otherwise, the type defaults to "xml".
-test=true or false
If true, plans are generated as usual, but no files are created. If this parameter is not specified, it is assumed to be false.
-debug=true or false
If true, turns on debugging output. Defaults to false.
Sets a limit on how much effort the planner should expend on trying to find a plan. The default value is 100.


Runs I-Plan non-interactively and without a GUI on a planning problem specified by an initial plan and a domain, producing one of more alternative plans as output.

File names for the output plans look like this

where domain is the domain file-name (minus any directory and file type); task is the task, if one was specified, with any spaces replaced by "-"s, or else the initial plan file-name (again minus any directory and file type); number is 1 for the first output plan, 2 for the second, and so on; and type is the file type given by the "output-file-type", if one was specfied, else the type from the initial plan file, if that was specfied, else "xml". In addition, if the initial plan file-name was used for the task, and it begins with the domain name, followed by a dash, that part is removed, so that it doesn't appear twice, and is replaced by "starting-from-".

Some examples:
ArgumentsConstructed names
-task="drive-to Glasgow"

Jeff Dalton <>