Class PicoISim

  extended by ix.examples.PicoIX
      extended by ix.examples.PicoISim
Direct Known Subclasses:
PicoISimTest1, PicoISimTest2, PicoISimTest3, SimResource.ISim

public class PicoISim
extends PicoIX

A simple example using an I-X framework. This example shows how to extend PicoIX for a particular application type, in this case discrete event simulation.

Nested Class Summary
(package private) static class PicoISim.IX_Simulator
          An IX_System for discrete event simulation.
(package private) static class PicoISim.SimController
          The controller for a simulator handles an agenda of simulated events as well as the agenda of activities that the simulator addresses as an agent.
(package private) static class PicoISim.SimEvent
          Activities that represent scheduled events in the simulation.
(package private) static class PicoISim.SimEventHandler
          Handlers for SimEvents.
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class ix.examples.PicoIX
PicoIX.Activity, PicoIX.ActivityHandler, PicoIX.Constraint, PicoIX.ConstraintManager, PicoIX.Controller, PicoIX.IX_System, PicoIX.IX_SystemListener, PicoIX.ModelManager
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
(package private) static Symbol SYM(java.lang.String name)
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Constructor Detail


public PicoISim()
Method Detail


static Symbol SYM(java.lang.String name)