Uses of Class

Packages that use DomainEvent
ix.icore.domain.event Interfaces and classes for events related to domains. 
ix.iview Viewers. 
ix.iview.domain Objects that mirror those of the domain (in ix.icore.domain package) for UI purposes. 
ix.iview.domain.event Events and listeners that relate to UIObjects (Objects that mirror those of the domain) 

Uses of DomainEvent in ix.icore.domain.event

Subclasses of DomainEvent in ix.icore.domain.event
 class RefinementEvent

Uses of DomainEvent in ix.iview

Methods in ix.iview with parameters of type DomainEvent
 void GrammarEditorPanel.constructAdded(DomainEvent se)
 void GlobalFormPanel.constructAdded(DomainEvent e)
 void DomainEditorFrame.constructAdded(DomainEvent e)
 void DeclarationEditor.constructAdded(DomainEvent se)
 void ActionEditorPanel.constructAdded(DomainEvent event)
 void AROEditorPanel.constructAdded(DomainEvent event)

Uses of DomainEvent in ix.iview.domain

Methods in ix.iview.domain with parameters of type DomainEvent
 void UIGrammar.constructAdded(DomainEvent se)
 void UIDomain.fireConstructAdded(DomainEvent e)
 void UIDomain.objectClassAdded(DomainEvent e)

Uses of DomainEvent in ix.iview.domain.event

Methods in ix.iview.domain.event with parameters of type DomainEvent
 void UIDomainListener.constructAdded(DomainEvent event)

Uses of DomainEvent in ix.iview.table

Methods in ix.iview.table with parameters of type DomainEvent
 void ActionTreeTableModel.constructAdded(DomainEvent e)

Uses of DomainEvent in ix.iview.tree

Methods in ix.iview.tree with parameters of type DomainEvent
 void DomainTreeModel.constructAdded(DomainEvent event)