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Packages that use ObjectChangeEvent
ix.icore.event Interfaces and classes for events related to classes in the ix.icore package. 
ix.iface.ui I-X user interfaces. 
ix.iview.domain.event Events and listeners that relate to UIObjects (Objects that mirror those of the domain) 

Uses of ObjectChangeEvent in ix.icore.event

Methods in ix.icore.event with parameters of type ObjectChangeEvent
 void IXObjectChangeListener.objectAdded(ObjectChangeEvent event)
 void IXObjectChangeListener.objectChanged(ObjectChangeEvent event)
 void IXObjectChangeListener.objectRemoved(ObjectChangeEvent event)

Uses of ObjectChangeEvent in ix.iface.ui

Methods in ix.iface.ui with parameters of type ObjectChangeEvent
 void AbstractIFormModel.dataChanged(ObjectChangeEvent oce)
          Listening to changes to the object generated elsewhere.
 void AbstractIFormModel.fireModelChanged(java.lang.String change, ObjectChangeEvent oce)
 void IFormPanel.formModelChanged(java.lang.String change, ObjectChangeEvent oce)
          The model changed, so update the display.

Uses of ObjectChangeEvent in ix.iface.ui.event

Methods in ix.iface.ui.event with parameters of type ObjectChangeEvent
 void FormDataListener.formDataChanged(ObjectChangeEvent oce)
 void FormModelListener.formModelChanged(java.lang.String change, ObjectChangeEvent oce)

Uses of ObjectChangeEvent in ix.iface.ui.tree

Methods in ix.iface.ui.tree with parameters of type ObjectChangeEvent
 void EditableTreeModel.fireNodeChanged(IXTreeNode treeNode, ObjectChangeEvent oce)
 void EditableTreeModel.userNodeAdded(java.lang.Object userNode, ObjectChangeEvent oce)
          This only works if the added node already has a parent
 void EditableTreeModel.userNodeChanged(ObjectChangeEvent oce)

Uses of ObjectChangeEvent in ix.iview.domain.event

Subclasses of ObjectChangeEvent in ix.iview.domain.event
 class UIDomainEvent