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Packages that use AbstractRefinement
ix.icore.plan Classes for external / snapshot representation of processes. Utilities for constructing plans. 
ix.icore.plan.inspect Utilities for examining plans. 

Uses of AbstractRefinement in ix.icore.plan

Subclasses of AbstractRefinement in ix.icore.plan
 class PlanIssueRefinement
          Describes one level of the expansion of a PlanIssue.
 class PlanRefinement
          Describes one level of the expansion of a PlanNode.

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Methods in that return AbstractRefinement
protected abstract  AbstractRefinement ExamplePlanBuilder.Expander.makePlanRefinement()
protected  AbstractRefinement ExamplePlanBuilder.IssueExpander.makePlanRefinement()
          Returns a PlanIssueRefinement.
protected  AbstractRefinement ExamplePlanBuilder.ActivityExpander.makePlanRefinement()
          Returns a PlanRefinement.

Uses of AbstractRefinement in ix.icore.plan.inspect

Methods in ix.icore.plan.inspect that return AbstractRefinement
protected  AbstractRefinement PlanInspector.getRefinement(Name id)