Package ix.iface.domain

Domain parsers and outputters.


Interface Summary
LTF_Symbols Defines constants that are useful when processing "Lisp syntax" domain definitions.

Class Summary
ChecklistParser Reads .checklist files as Domains.
ChecklistParser.Line A line represented as an indentation count and a list of words.
ChecklistParser.LineParser Line-at-a-time parser with multi-line backup.
DomainParser An object that parses a domain description to populate a Domain.
DomainParser.DomainParserWrapper Class used to wrap a FileSyntax as a DomainParser.
DomainWriter An object that writes a domain description in textual form.
DomainWriter.DomainWriterWrapper Class used to wrap a FileSyntax as a DomainWriter.
ITF_Parser A parser for domains described in an indentation-based syntax.
LTF_Parser A parser for domains described in a Lisp-like syntax.
LTF_Parser.ConstraintParser Used to parse a constraint and also, via the makeTemplate method, to describe the syntax.
LTF_Writer A writer for domains described in LTF syntax.
TF_Writer Writes domain descriptions in O-Plan TF syntax.

Exception Summary
SyntaxException An exception used to indicate a problem while parsing.

Package ix.iface.domain Description

Domain parsers and outputters.