Interface IXRenderer

All Superinterfaces:
javax.swing.ListCellRenderer, javax.swing.table.TableCellRenderer
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActionListRenderer, EditablePriorityRenderer, FullNodeRenderer, IconRenderer, IssueRenderer, IXLabelRenderer, IXTextRenderer, NamedRenderer, NDRenderer, NDTextRenderer, NeutralIconRenderer, NodeNameRenderer, NodeNumberRenderer, PriorityRenderer, SimpleTextRenderer

public interface IXRenderer
extends javax.swing.table.TableCellRenderer, javax.swing.ListCellRenderer

A renderer for list or table cells. Can use text, colour, symbol, maybe image. Expects to use a TwoField, ThreeField or FourField object to obtain up to four values, which are represented using text, colour, an image and a symbol.

The IXRenderer is created with a boolean argument which determines whether the cell has a border or not. The border is used to show whether the cell/row is selected or not.

The fields unselectedBorder, selectedBorder, and isBordered are used to handle the borders of the cell if it has one. The class sub-classes RendererJLabel rather than JLabel for performance reasons (see Java API documentation of TableCellRenderer or ListCellRenderer for more detail).

Method Summary
 void setInfo(java.lang.Object object)
          Provides the information to be displayed.
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Method Detail


void setInfo(java.lang.Object object)
Provides the information to be displayed.


  protected void setInfo(Object object) {
    if (object == null) setText("");
    else setText(((UIRefinement)object).getName());
Example2 (NDRenderer):

    protected void setInfo(Object object) {
        FourField fourField = (FourField) object;
        Color colour = (Color) fourField.toColour();
        if (colour != null) this.setBackground(colour);
        char fieldSymbol = fourField.toSymbol();
        String fieldString = fourField.toString();
        if (java.lang.Character.isDefined(fieldSymbol)) {
          this.setText((String) fieldString + " " + fieldSymbol);}
        else this.setText((String) fieldString);
        Icon fieldIcon = fourField.toImage();
        if (fieldIcon != null) this.setIcon(fieldIcon);