Uses of Interface

Packages that use FramePanel
ix.iview Viewers. 

Uses of FramePanel in ix.iview

Subinterfaces of FramePanel in ix.iview
 interface ConstructFraming
          An interface to be implemented by any FramePanel that is part of a DomainEditor

Classes in ix.iview that implement FramePanel
 class AConstructFramePanel
          An abstract editor/viewer panel for domain constructs.
 class ActionEditorPanel
          An editor/viewer panel for refinement structures.
 class AROEditorPanel
          An editor/viewer panel for AROs, i.e.
 class GlobalFramePanel
          An editor/viewer panel for the domain itself (global information) Example code for using the GlobalFramePanel: ...
 class GrammarEditorPanel
          A grammar editor/viewer panel Waiting to be documented and implemented properly.
 class SimpleEditorPanel
          A minimal editor/viewer panel for making dummy panels Waiting to be implemented.