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Packages that use IXTable
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 

Uses of IXTable in ix.iface.ui.table

Subclasses of IXTable in ix.iface.ui.table
 class IXTreeTable
          Abstract table, as IXTable but for tree structures.

Uses of IXTable in ix.ip2

Subclasses of IXTable in ix.ip2
 class ActivityTableViewer
 class AgendaTableViewer
          A table viewer for an agenda (set of agenda items).
 class IssueTableViewer

Uses of IXTable in ix.iview.table

Subclasses of IXTable in ix.iview.table
 class AgendaTreeTable
          Tree table for displaying agenda items (actions and issues)

Methods in ix.iview.table with parameters of type IXTable
 void PropertyTableModel.adjustTable(IXTable table)
          Adjust the given table (which should be the table whose model this is).

Constructors in ix.iview.table with parameters of type IXTable
ConstructTableMouser(IXTable table, AConstructFramePanel editPanel)
          A Mouse Adapter for construct summary tables.