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ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iview Viewers. 

Uses of IXTreeTableNode in ix.iface.ui.table

Subclasses of IXTreeTableNode in ix.iface.ui.table
 class IXTNTreeTableNode
          A protected class that is wrapped around TreeNode objects to hold information about identity in the tree (parent-line) and expansion information (indentation, whether or not the node is expanded).

Methods in ix.iface.ui.table that return IXTreeTableNode
abstract  IXTreeTableNode AbstractTreeTableModel.makeIXTreeTableNode(java.lang.Object node)
 IXTreeTableNode AbstractTreeTableModel.makeIXTreeTableNode(java.lang.Object node, java.util.List parents, int indentation)
          indentation is number of blanks to put in front of node (n*INDENT_STEP)

Methods in ix.iface.ui.table with parameters of type IXTreeTableNode
 boolean IXTreeTableNode.equals(IXTreeTableNode n)
 void AbstractTreeTableModel.expandNode(IXTreeTableNode eNode, int rowIndex)
          Gathers the node's children and splices them into the table.
 void AbstractTreeTableModel.fireNodeStructureChanged(IXTreeTableNode node)
          A node gained or lost children
 void AbstractTreeTableModel.forceExpandNode(IXTreeTableNode eNode, int rowIndex)
 java.lang.Object AbstractTreeTableModel.getTreeNodeType(IXTreeTableNode eNode)
          Gets a character or icon to use as a reflection of the node's tree-status.
protected  java.lang.Object AbstractTreeTableModel.getTreeValueAt(IXTreeTableNode eNode)
          Gets the value that indicates the tree-position (indented name).
 void IXTreeTable.nodeStructureChanged(IXTreeTableNode node)
          bold making is now in AbsTTModel Reacts to new node structure by updating nameColumn, making it bold if the node is a parent, plain if it is a leaf node.
protected  boolean AbstractTreeTableModel.removeChildData(IXTreeTableNode eNode)
protected  void AbstractTreeTableModel.removeChildren(IXTreeTableNode eNode, int index)
 void AbstractTreeTableModel.removeDataNode(IXTreeTableNode eNode)
          Completely forget about the node (and its children)
 void AbstractTreeTableModel.unexpandNode(IXTreeTableNode eNode, int index)
          Removes the node's children from the table and notes it as unexpanded.

Uses of IXTreeTableNode in ix.iface.ui.table.event

Methods in ix.iface.ui.table.event with parameters of type IXTreeTableNode
 void TreeTableStructureListener.nodeStructureChanged(IXTreeTableNode node)

Uses of IXTreeTableNode in ix.ip2

Subclasses of IXTreeTableNode in ix.ip2
protected  class AgendaItemTableModel.TreeAgendaItem

Methods in ix.ip2 that return IXTreeTableNode
 IXTreeTableNode AgendaItemTableModel.makeIXTreeTableNode(java.lang.Object original)

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type IXTreeTableNode
protected  java.lang.Object AgendaItemTableModel.getTreeValueAt(IXTreeTableNode eNode)

Uses of IXTreeTableNode in ix.iview

Methods in ix.iview that return IXTreeTableNode
 IXTreeTableNode AROEditorPanel.ClassTreeTableModel.makeIXTreeTableNode(java.lang.Object theNode)
          Makes an IXTreeTableNode from the given object.

Uses of IXTreeTableNode in ix.iview.table

Methods in ix.iview.table that return IXTreeTableNode
 IXTreeTableNode ActionTreeTableModel.makeIXTreeTableNode(java.lang.Object theNode)
          Makes an IXTreeTableNode from the given object.