Uses of Interface

Packages that use IXNode
ix.iview.domain Objects that mirror those of the domain (in ix.icore.domain package) for UI purposes. 

Uses of IXNode in ix.iface.ui.tree

Methods in ix.iface.ui.tree with parameters of type IXNode
 void IXNode.addChild(IXNode child)
 void IXNode.addParent(IXNode parent)
 void IXNode.removeChild(IXNode child)
 void IXNode.removeParent(IXNode parent)

Uses of IXNode in ix.iview.domain

Classes in ix.iview.domain that implement IXNode
 class UIObjectClass
          A class that helps to edit type specifications for activity relatable objects.

Methods in ix.iview.domain with parameters of type IXNode
 void UIObjectClass.addChild(IXNode child)
 void UIObjectClass.addParent(IXNode parent)
 void UIObjectClass.removeChild(IXNode child)
 void UIObjectClass.removeParent(IXNode parent)