Class IconImage

  extended by ix.iface.util.IconImage

public class IconImage
extends java.lang.Object

Class used to set an appropriate icon image for a frame. This image is used when the platform / window manager wants an image to display when the frame is "minimized" / iconified.

The image is selected based on the frame class, as determined by which of the setIconImage methods is called. The code that initializes the frame sould contain a line that looks something like this:


In some cases, the declared frame class may not be distinctive, and then some other object should be used. Of course, there needs to be a corresponding method in this class.

In effect, this class is not a general utility - just a way to put all of the IconImage information in one place.

Method Summary
static java.awt.Image getIconImage(ChatFrame frame)
static java.awt.Image getIconImage(java.awt.Frame frame)
static java.awt.Image getIconImage(ISpaceTool ist)
static java.awt.Image getIconImage(ItemEditor ed)
static java.awt.Image getIconImage(SimpleDomainEditor ed)
static java.awt.Image getIconImage(java.lang.String filename)
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Method Detail


public static java.awt.Image getIconImage(java.awt.Frame frame)


public static java.awt.Image getIconImage(SimpleDomainEditor ed)


public static java.awt.Image getIconImage(ItemEditor ed)


public static java.awt.Image getIconImage(ChatFrame frame)


public static java.awt.Image getIconImage(ISpaceTool ist)


public static java.awt.Image getIconImage(java.lang.String filename)