Class IssueItem

  extended by ix.icore.process.TimePoint
      extended by ix.icore.process.PNode
          extended by ix.ip2.AgendaItem
              extended by ix.ip2.IssueItem
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IssueItem
extends AgendaItem

An AgendaEntry that represents an Issue.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class ix.ip2.AgendaItem
AgendaItem.UndoAddHistoryEvent, AgendaItem.UndoSetComments, AgendaItem.UndoSetPriority, AgendaItem.UndoSetStatus
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class ix.icore.process.PNode
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class ix.ip2.AgendaItem
actions, handledBy, listeners, reports
Fields inherited from class ix.icore.process.PNode
beginEnd, endEnd, level, modelManager, parent
Fields inherited from class ix.icore.process.TimePoint
Constructor Summary
IssueItem(Issue issue)
IssueItem(IssueItem parent, Issue issue)
Method Summary
 void expandOneLevel(Refinement refinement, MatchEnv env)
          Creates child nodes as specified by a refinement and installs ordering links.
protected  PNode makePNode(PNode parent, LList pattern)
          Factory method that constructs a child PNode of the right class.
Methods inherited from class ix.ip2.AgendaItem
actionCanBeTakenNow, addAction, addHistoryEvent, addItemListener, addReport, assignStatus, clearActions, findAction, findAction, findAllActions, fireAgendaItemEdited, fireHandlerActionsChanged, fireNewHandlerAction, fireNewReport, firePriorityChanged, fireStatusChanged, getAbout, getActions, getComments, getHandledBy, getHistory, getHowHandled, getParent, getPattern, getPatternVars, getPriority, getReports, getShortDescription, getStatus, getUnboundVars, handleReportBack, hasAction, insertAction, isNew, setAbout, setComments, setHandledBy, setIsNew, setPattern, setPriority, setStatus, setStatusBasedOn, toString, wantsActionsFrom, wantsReport
Methods inherited from class ix.icore.process.PNode
addChild, allComputeStatus, allHaveStatus, computeStatus, ensureChildrenLinkedToParent, getBegin, getChildren, getEnd, getEnd, getLevel, getModelManager, getNameToChildMap, getParentPNode, getRefinement, getVarTable, hasChildren, isAncestorOf, isDescendentOf, isExpanded, isParentOf, isSiblingOf, processOrderings, refToTimePoint, setChildren, setModelManager, setNameToChildMap, setRefinement, setVarTable, statusFromNodeEnds, unlink, walk, walkChildren
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addPostConstraint, addPreConstraint, clear, getMaxTime, getMinTime, getPostConstraints, getPreConstraints, hasUnboundedMax, removePostConstraint, removePreConstraint, setMaxTime, setMinTime
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Constructor Detail


public IssueItem(Issue issue)


public IssueItem(IssueItem parent,
                 Issue issue)
Method Detail


public void expandOneLevel(Refinement refinement,
                           MatchEnv env)
Description copied from class: PNode
Creates child nodes as specified by a refinement and installs ordering links. The subnodes are constructed by a factory method so that they can be instances of a subclass of Node and to allow other, related objects to be constructed at the same time.

Also instantiates the refinement, replacing with their values any variables that have values in 'env', and creates a map from the ids of child nodes to those children. The ids are taken from the node-specs in the refinement.

expandOneLevel in class PNode


protected PNode makePNode(PNode parent,
                          LList pattern)
Description copied from class: PNode
Factory method that constructs a child PNode of the right class.

Specified by:
makePNode in class PNode