Class LoadStateHandler

  extended by ix.ip2.ItemHandler
      extended by ix.ip2.ActivityHandler
          extended by ix.ip2.LoadPlanHandler
              extended by ix.ip2.LoadStateHandler

public class LoadStateHandler
extends LoadPlanHandler

Generates a HandlerAction that loads a plan that contains world-state.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class ix.ip2.LoadPlanHandler
LoadPlanHandler.LoadPlanAction, LoadPlanHandler.ReplacePlanAction
Field Summary
static Symbol S_LOAD_STATE
Fields inherited from class ix.ip2.LoadPlanHandler
ip2, S_LOAD_PLAN, verb
Fields inherited from class ix.ip2.ItemHandler
Constructor Summary
LoadStateHandler(Ip2 ip2)
Method Summary
 void addHandlerActions(AgendaItem item)
          Called to add any HandlerActions that this handler regards as appropriate for the specified AgendaItem.
Methods inherited from class ix.ip2.LoadPlanHandler
appliesTo, getSyntaxList
Methods inherited from class ix.ip2.ActivityHandler
Methods inherited from class ix.ip2.ItemHandler
getActionDescription, handle, isAutomatic, makeHandler, reviseHandlerActions
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public static final Symbol S_LOAD_STATE
Constructor Detail


LoadStateHandler(Ip2 ip2)
Method Detail


public void addHandlerActions(AgendaItem item)
Description copied from class: ItemHandler
Called to add any HandlerActions that this handler regards as appropriate for the specified AgendaItem.

This method is called only if both this handler's ItemHandler.appliesTo(AgendaItem) and the specified item's AgendaItem.wantsActionsFrom(ItemHandler) methods return true.

The method provided by the ItemHandler class just adds an action that calls this handler's ItemHandler.handle(AgendaItem) method. This allows suitably simple handlers to avoid working directly with HandlerActions.

Note that actions are added by calling an item's AgendaItem.addAction(HandlerAction) method.

addHandlerActions in class LoadPlanHandler