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ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 

Uses of ActionUnreadyReason in ix.ip2

Subclasses of ActionUnreadyReason in ix.ip2
 class SimpleUnreadyReason
          A simple explanation of why a HandlerAction is not ready to be used.
 class UnboundVariablesUnreadyReason
          Explains that a HandlerAction is not ready to be used because certain variables do not yet have values.
 class UnsatisfiedConditionsUnreadyReason
          Explains that a HandlerAction is not ready to be used because conditions cannot be satisfied.

Methods in ix.ip2 that return ActionUnreadyReason
 ActionUnreadyReason LoadPlanHandler.LoadPlanAction.getUnreadyReason()
 ActionUnreadyReason LoadDomainHandler.AbstractLoadDomainAction.getUnreadyReason()
 ActionUnreadyReason HandlerAction.getUnreadyReason()
          Returns an object that explains why this handler is not ready to be used.
 ActionUnreadyReason HandlerAction.AutomaticWhenBound.getUnreadyReason()
          Returns a reason giving the unbound variables in the agenda-item's pattern.
 ActionUnreadyReason ExpandHandler.ExpandAction.getUnreadyReason()
 ActionUnreadyReason ConditionHandler.SatisfyAction.getUnreadyReason()
 ActionUnreadyReason CompletionHandler.SimpleDoneAction.getUnreadyReason()
 ActionUnreadyReason CompletionHandler.DoneAction.getUnreadyReason()