Uses of Interface

Packages that use AgendaManager
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.ip2.event Interfaces and classes for events fired within process panels. 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 

Uses of AgendaManager in ix.ip2

Classes in ix.ip2 that implement AgendaManager
 class ActivityAgenda
          An agenda of activities
 class Agenda
          A collection of things to do.
 class IssueAgenda
          An agenda of issues

Fields in ix.ip2 declared as AgendaManager
(package private)  AgendaManager AgendaTableViewer.agendaManager
(package private)  AgendaManager AgendaViewTable.agendaManager

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type AgendaManager
 void AgendaTableViewer.setAgendaManager(AgendaManager agendaManager)
 void AgendaViewer.setAgendaManager(AgendaManager m)
 void AgendaViewTable.setAgendaManager(AgendaManager agendaManager)

Uses of AgendaManager in ix.ip2.event

Methods in ix.ip2.event with parameters of type AgendaManager
 void AgendaListener.setAgendaManager(AgendaManager am)

Uses of AgendaManager in ix.iplan

Methods in ix.iplan with parameters of type AgendaManager
 void CombinedPlanChangeListener.setAgendaManager(AgendaManager am)