Uses of Interface

Packages that use AgendaViewer
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.postix Minimal I-X Process Panels 

Uses of AgendaViewer in ix.ip2

Classes in ix.ip2 that implement AgendaViewer
 class ActivityTableViewer
 class ActivityViewTable
 class AgendaTableViewer
          A table viewer for an agenda (set of agenda items).
 class AgendaViewTable
          A viewer for a set of AgendaItems.
 class IssueTableViewer
 class IssueViewTable

Fields in ix.ip2 declared as AgendaViewer
protected  AgendaViewer Ip2Frame.activityViewer
protected  AgendaViewer Ip2.activityViewer
protected  AgendaViewer ItemEditor.agendaViewer
protected  AgendaViewer Ip2Frame.issueViewer
protected  AgendaViewer Ip2.issueViewer

Methods in ix.ip2 that return AgendaViewer
protected  AgendaViewer Ip2.makeActivityViewer()
          Called to create the activity viewer.
protected  AgendaViewer Ip2.makeIssueViewer()
          Called to create the issue viewer.

Constructors in ix.ip2 with parameters of type AgendaViewer
ActivityEditor(AgendaViewer agendaViewer, java.lang.String title)
IssueEditor(AgendaViewer agendaViewer, java.lang.String title)
ItemEditor(AgendaViewer agendaViewer, java.lang.String title)

Uses of AgendaViewer in ix.postix

Methods in ix.postix that return AgendaViewer
(package private)  AgendaViewer Postix.getActivityViewer()