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Packages that use AgendaEvent
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.ip2.event Interfaces and classes for events fired within process panels. 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 

Uses of AgendaEvent in ix.ip2

Methods in ix.ip2 with parameters of type AgendaEvent
 void AgendaTableViewer.itemAdded(AgendaEvent event, AgendaItem i)
 void IVarTool.ComboListener.itemAdded(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem item)
 void AgendaViewTable.itemAdded(AgendaEvent event, AgendaItem i)
 void AgendaTableViewer.itemHandled(AgendaEvent ae, AgendaItem item, HandlerAction act)
 void AgendaItemTableModel.itemHandled(AgendaEvent ae, AgendaItem item, HandlerAction act)
 void AgendaViewTable.itemHandled(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem i, HandlerAction h)
 void AgendaTableViewer.itemRemoved(AgendaEvent event, AgendaItem i)
 void IVarTool.ComboListener.itemRemoved(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem item)
 void AgendaViewTable.itemRemoved(AgendaEvent event, AgendaItem i)
 void AgendaTableViewer.newBindings(AgendaEvent event, java.util.Map bindings)
 void AgendaViewTable.newBindings(AgendaEvent event, java.util.Map bindings)

Uses of AgendaEvent in ix.ip2.event

Methods in ix.ip2.event with parameters of type AgendaEvent
 void AgendaListener.itemAdded(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem i)
 void AgendaListener.itemHandled(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem i, HandlerAction a)
 void AgendaListener.itemRemoved(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem i)
 void AgendaListener.newBindings(AgendaEvent e, java.util.Map bindings)

Uses of AgendaEvent in ix.iplan

Methods in ix.iplan with parameters of type AgendaEvent
 void CombinedPlanChangeListener.itemAdded(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem i)
 void CombinedPlanChangeListener.itemHandled(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem i, HandlerAction a)
 void CombinedPlanChangeListener.itemRemoved(AgendaEvent e, AgendaItem i)
 void CombinedPlanChangeListener.newBindings(AgendaEvent e, java.util.Map bindings)