Class IPlan

  extended by ix.icore.IXAgent
      extended by ix.ip2.Ip2
          extended by ix.iplan.IPlan
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public class IPlan
extends Ip2

An interactive planner. I-Plan is a version of Ip2 that has different handlers, and other changes, to make it more suitable for plan-construction and less suitable for execution.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
Ip2.AddExtensionsHandler, Ip2.AddHandlersHandler
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
activityViewer, agentTypeName, annotationViewer, controller, domain, frame, issueViewer, logoImage, logoLine1, logoLine2, modelManager, optionManager, resetHooks, showOptions, stateViewer
Fields inherited from class ix.icore.IXAgent
contactManager, displayName, eventLogger, exitHooks, initialDisplayName, ipcName, ipcStrategyName, iSimTimer, mainAgent, nameListeners, startupDate, startupHooks, symbolName, textFrame
Constructor Summary
protected IPlan(boolean setAgent)
Method Summary
protected  void addHandlers()
          Install any built-in issue and activity handlers.
(package private) static java.awt.Component displayFrame()
protected  void initOptions()
static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
static Planner makeDefaultPlanner()
          Returns a Planner suitable for use within Java.
protected  Ip2Frame makeIp2Frame()
          Called to make the main user interface frame.
protected  ProcessModelManager makeModelManager()
          Called to create this agent's model-manager.
 void setDomain(Domain dom)
Methods inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
addAboutInfo, addForwardingHandler, addHandlers, addResetHook, addTest, addTestMenuItems, addTool, clearAllButState, clearModel, completeStartup, do_reloadViewers, ensureTool, getActivityPatternSyntaxes, getAgentTypeName, getController, getDomain, getFrame, getIp2ModelManager, getModelManager, getOptionManager, getPlan, handleInput, handleInputDirectly, handleNewActivity, handleNewChatMessage, handleNewConstraint, handleNewIssue, handleNewReport, isReloadingViewers, loadDomain, loadInitialPlan, loadPlan, loadPlan, loadPlan, makeActivityViewer, makeAnnotationViewer, makeController, makeIssueViewer, makeLogoPanel, makeStateViewer, makeViewer, processCommandLineArguments, readDomain, readDomain, reloadViewers, reset, resetAllButState, resetViewers, savePlanAs, startup
Methods inherited from class ix.icore.IXAgent
addAgentNameListener, addExitHook, addStartupHook, adjustLookAndFeel, displayMessage, do_mainStartup, exit, fireSymbolNameChanged, getAgent, getAgentDisplayName, getAgentIPCName, getAgentStartupDate, getAgentSymbolName, getContactManager, getEventLogger, getISimTimer, getKnownAgents, handleReceivedReport, installAgentExtensions, installAgentExtensions, isMainAgent, log, mainStartup, notePossibleNewContact, pre_handleInput, preprocessInput, reportInputException, setAgentSymbolName, setEventLogger, setupISimTimer, startServer
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Constructor Detail


public IPlan()


protected IPlan(boolean setAgent)
Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)


public void setDomain(Domain dom)


public static Planner makeDefaultPlanner()
Returns a Planner suitable for use within Java. This method should normally be used in non-I-X code, rather than instantiating a planner class directly. This method should be called when the current ContextHolder is the right one for the planner to use. The planner will ensure that the current context in that holder is saved and restored around any calls to methods in the Planner interface. This method also ensures that the current context is a new child of the root context when the planner is created.

An implicit assumption is that only one thread will be using the planner at any one time. In a multi-thread environment, it's also necessary to manage contexts carefully, and typically to use a ThreadLocalHoldingStrategy.

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protected ProcessModelManager makeModelManager()
Description copied from class: Ip2
Called to create this agent's model-manager.

makeModelManager in class Ip2


protected Ip2Frame makeIp2Frame()
Description copied from class: Ip2
Called to make the main user interface frame. This merely creates the frame, with almost nothing filled in. The frame's Ip2Frame.setUp() is later called to do most of the work.

makeIp2Frame in class Ip2


protected void initOptions()
initOptions in class Ip2


static java.awt.Component displayFrame()


protected void addHandlers()
Install any built-in issue and activity handlers.

addHandlers in class Ip2