Class PlanTestGroup

  extended by ix.iplan.PlanTest
      extended by ix.iplan.PlanTestGroup
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public class PlanTestGroup
extends PlanTest

Specifies a group of tests that can be applied to different domains. If an instance of this class appears in a list of PlanTests given to an AutoTester, the AutoTester will record the instance as a group. That happens via the TestRunner returned by the makeTestRunner(AutoTester) method.

Note that a PlanTestGroup is a PlanTest and so can be used to provide default values to other PlanTests, typically to the PlanTests in the group. Indeed, that happens when the group is used by an instance of ExpandPlanTestGroup.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected  java.lang.String name
          This group's name.
protected  java.util.List tests
          The PlanTests in this group.
Fields inherited from class ix.iplan.PlanTest
domain, initialPlan, isExhaustive, plans, randomSimulations, stepLimit, task
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getName()
 java.util.List getTests()
 AutoTester.TestRunner makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
          Returns a TestRunner that tells the AutoTester to remember this group.
 void setName(java.lang.String name)
 void setTests(java.util.List tests)
 java.lang.String testDescription()
          Returns a short textual description of this test.
Methods inherited from class ix.iplan.PlanTest
getDomain, getInitialPlan, getIsExhaustive, getPlans, getRandomSimulations, getStepLimit, getTask, setDomain, setInitialPlan, setIsExhaustive, setPlans, setRandomSimulations, setStepLimit, setTask, takeDefaults, taskDescription, toString
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Field Detail


protected java.lang.String name
This group's name.


protected java.util.List tests
The PlanTests in this group.

Constructor Detail


public PlanTestGroup()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getName()


public void setName(java.lang.String name)


public java.util.List getTests()


public void setTests(java.util.List tests)


public AutoTester.TestRunner makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
Returns a TestRunner that tells the AutoTester to remember this group.

makeTestRunner in class PlanTest
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public java.lang.String testDescription()
Description copied from class: PlanTest
Returns a short textual description of this test. It should include the domain name and a description of the task or problem. Examples:
   Domain duplicate-effect-test, Task test1
   Domain blocks-pure-htn-1, Problem ca,b-abc

The method defined by the PlanTest class calls PlanTest.getDomain() and PlanTest.taskDescription().

The testDescription() method is called by PlanTest.toString().

testDescription in class PlanTest