Uses of Class

Packages that use IPlanOptionManager
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.iplan The I-X planner. 
ix.iplan.event Interfaces and classes for planning-related events. 

Uses of IPlanOptionManager in ix.ip2

Fields in ix.ip2 declared as IPlanOptionManager
protected  IPlanOptionManager Ip2.optionManager
protected  IPlanOptionManager SyncState.optMan

Methods in ix.ip2 that return IPlanOptionManager
 IPlanOptionManager Ip2.getOptionManager()

Uses of IPlanOptionManager in ix.iplan

Fields in ix.iplan declared as IPlanOptionManager
(package private)  IPlanOptionManager OptionUI.optMan
(package private)  IPlanOptionManager IPlanOptionTool.optMan

Constructors in ix.iplan with parameters of type IPlanOptionManager
OptionUI(IPlanOptionManager m, javax.swing.JFrame frame)

Uses of IPlanOptionManager in ix.iplan.event

Constructors in ix.iplan.event with parameters of type IPlanOptionManager
OptionEvent(IPlanOptionManager source, IPlanOptionManager.Opt option)