Package ix.iserve.ipc

The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
IServeCommServer Handles messages for a IServeCommStrategy.
IServeCommStrategy A communication strategy that sends all messages via a server.
IServeCommTool The user interface to an IServeCommStrategy.
IServeCommTool.Controller A ToolController for an IServeCommTool.
LinearIXSyntax A simple string representation of I-X items for use by communication strategies.
MessageWrapper Wrapper for messages sent via an IServeCommStrategy.
Registration Registration response received by an IServeCommStrategy.
TinyIds Generates short ids that correspond to long ones.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary

Package ix.iserve.ipc Description

The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy. However, that a class in a different package, ix.iserve.IserveCommunicationStrategy is usually used as the strategy class, since its name allows it to be called simply "iserve" as a strategy name because of the convention followed by the IPC.makeCommunicationStrategy(String) method. Note that its name must begin "Iserve" rather than the more usual "IServe".