Class ISimTimerClient

  extended by ix.isim.ISimTimer
      extended by ix.isim.ISimTimerClient

public class ISimTimerClient
extends ISimTimer

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ACCELERATE, owner, PAUSE, REGISTER, RESUME, simTimeDisplay, simulationActive, START, STOP, SYNCHRONIZE_LABEL, tUpdater
Constructor Summary
protected ISimTimerClient(IXAgent agent)
Method Summary
 void handleSynchronizeActivity(Activity synchActivity)
          This function needs to be implemented by the inheriting class.
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changeAccelerationFactor, getAccelerationFactor, getISimTimer, getSimTimeInMillis, pause, resume, setCurrentSimTime, simulationStarted, start, terminateTimer
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Constructor Detail


protected ISimTimerClient(IXAgent agent)
Method Detail


public void handleSynchronizeActivity(Activity synchActivity)
Description copied from class: ISimTimer
This function needs to be implemented by the inheriting class. This is because the two types of ISimTimer, ISimTimerClient and ISimTimerServer, behave differently with respect to synchronization. Having it abstract ensures that no ISimTimer can ever be constructed.

Specified by:
handleSynchronizeActivity in class ISimTimer
synchActivity - a synchronization Activity (see final Strings in this class for possible activities)