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Uses of LongKeyTreeMap.Entry in ix.isim.util

Fields in ix.isim.util declared as LongKeyTreeMap.Entry
protected  LongKeyTreeMap.Entry LongKeyTreeMap.Entry.left
protected  LongKeyTreeMap.Entry
protected  LongKeyTreeMap.Entry LongKeyTreeMap.Entry.parent
protected  LongKeyTreeMap.Entry LongKeyTreeMap.Entry.right
protected  LongKeyTreeMap.Entry LongKeyTreeMap.root
          the root of the tree

Constructors in ix.isim.util with parameters of type LongKeyTreeMap.Entry
LongKeyTreeMap.Entry(long key, java.lang.Object value, LongKeyTreeMap.Entry parent)
          Make a new cell with given key, value, and parent, and with null child links, and BLACK color.