Uses of Class

Packages that use AgentData
ix.ispace Information about other agents and agent-relationships. 
ix.ispace.event Interfaces and classes for I-Space-related events 

Uses of AgentData in ix.ispace

Subclasses of AgentData in ix.ispace
 class ISpaceAgent
          What we know about another agent.

Methods in ix.ispace that return AgentData
 AgentData ContactManager.getAgentData(java.lang.String name)

Methods in ix.ispace with parameters of type AgentData
 void ContactManager.fireContactChange(AgentData oldData, AgentData newData)
 void ContactManager.fireContactDeleted(AgentData data)
 void ContactManager.fireNewContact(AgentData data)
protected  void ContactManager.replaceAgentData(AgentData oldData, AgentData newData)

Constructors in ix.ispace with parameters of type AgentData
AgentData(AgentData oldData)

Uses of AgentData in ix.ispace.event

Fields in ix.ispace.event declared as AgentData
protected  AgentData ContactEvent.newData
protected  AgentData ContactEvent.oldData

Methods in ix.ispace.event that return AgentData
 AgentData ContactEvent.getNewData()
 AgentData ContactEvent.getOldData()

Constructors in ix.ispace.event with parameters of type AgentData
ContactEvent(ContactManager source, AgentData oldData, AgentData newData)