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Packages that use Capability
ix.ispace Information about other agents and agent-relationships. 
ix.ispace.event Interfaces and classes for I-Space-related events 

Uses of Capability in ix.ispace

Subclasses of Capability in ix.ispace
 class VerbCapability
          A capability that corresponds to a verb such as would appear in an issue or activity pattern.

Methods in ix.ispace with parameters of type Capability
 void AgentData.addCapability(Capability c)
 java.util.List ContactManager.getAgentData(Capability c)
 java.util.List ContactManager.getAgentData(Capability c, boolean defaultIfUnknown)
 boolean AgentData.hasCapability(Capability c)
 boolean AgentData.hasCapability(Capability c, boolean defaultIfUnknown)
 boolean VerbCapability.subsumes(Capability required)
          Returns true iff the required capability is a VerbCapability for the same verb.
abstract  boolean Capability.subsumes(Capability required)
          Returns true iff this capability is at least as good as a required capability.

Uses of Capability in ix.ispace.event

Methods in ix.ispace.event with parameters of type Capability
 boolean ContactEvent.isNewCapability(Capability c)