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Packages that use DomainEditorFrame
ix.iview Viewers. 

Uses of DomainEditorFrame in ix.iview

Fields in ix.iview declared as DomainEditorFrame
 DomainEditorFrame DomainEditor.deFrame
 DomainEditorFrame AConstructFramePanel.parent
          The panels parent - a DomainEditor

Constructors in ix.iview with parameters of type DomainEditorFrame
AConstructFramePanel(DomainEditorFrame theParent)
          Creates an editor panel with the given parent.
ActionEditorPanel(DomainEditorFrame theParent)
          Creates the editor panel with the given parent.
ActionEditorPanel(DomainEditorFrame theParent, Symbol view, Symbol constr)
          Creates the editor panel with the given parent with the given view and the indicated set of constraints shown.
ActionFormModel(DomainEditorFrame ideFrame)
ActionFormModel(DomainEditorFrame ideFrame, java.lang.Class objectClass)
ActionFormModel(DomainEditorFrame ideFrame, EditableObject object)
AROEditorPanel(DomainEditorFrame theParent)
          Make the editor panel and set up the class tree
GlobalFramePanel(DomainEditorFrame theParent)
GrammarEditorPanel(DomainEditorFrame frame)
IDEPreferencesDialog(DomainEditorFrame frame, JPropertiesManager manager)