Uses of Interface

Packages that use IDESymbols
ix.iview Viewers. 

Uses of IDESymbols in ix.iview

Classes in ix.iview that implement IDESymbols
 class ActionEditorPanel
          An editor/viewer panel for refinement structures.
 class AROEditorPanel
          An editor/viewer panel for AROs, i.e.
 class DomainEditor
          An editor/viewer frame for domain details.
 class DomainEditorFrame
          An editor/viewer frame for domain details.
 class IDEPreferencesDialog
          A Preferences dialog for IDE.
 class IDEPropertiesManager
          A manager for properties/preferences of the I-X Domain Editor, I-DE.

Uses of IDESymbols in ix.iview.util

Classes in ix.iview.util that implement IDESymbols
 class IDEUtil
          Class for useful static methods for IDE.