Class SimpleExpandingSimulator

  extended by ix.icore.IXAgent
      extended by ix.ip2.Ip2
          extended by ix.test.SimpleExpandingSimulator

public class SimpleExpandingSimulator
extends Ip2

Nested Class Summary
protected static class SimpleExpandingSimulator.SimController
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
Ip2.AddExtensionsHandler, Ip2.AddHandlersHandler
Field Summary
protected  boolean trace
protected  java.io.PrintStream traceOut
Fields inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
activityViewer, agentTypeName, annotationViewer, controller, domain, frame, issueViewer, logoImage, logoLine1, logoLine2, modelManager, optionManager, resetHooks, showOptions, stateViewer
Fields inherited from class ix.icore.IXAgent
contactManager, displayName, eventLogger, exitHooks, initialDisplayName, ipcName, ipcStrategyName, iSimTimer, mainAgent, nameListeners, startupDate, startupHooks, symbolName, textFrame
Constructor Summary
protected SimpleExpandingSimulator(boolean setAgent)
Method Summary
protected  void addHandlers()
          Install any built-in issue and activity handlers.
 void completeStartup()
          Called in the AWT event thread to make the main GUI frame visible and perform any additional setup that ought to be done in that thread.
(package private)  void getPatternsAndRun()
 SimpleExpandingSimulator.SimController getSimController()
static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)
protected  PanelController makeController()
          Called to create this agent's controller.
(package private)  void simulateExecution(java.util.List patterns)
Methods inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
addAboutInfo, addForwardingHandler, addHandlers, addResetHook, addTest, addTestMenuItems, addTool, clearAllButState, clearModel, do_reloadViewers, ensureTool, getActivityPatternSyntaxes, getAgentTypeName, getController, getDomain, getFrame, getIp2ModelManager, getModelManager, getOptionManager, getPlan, handleInput, handleInputDirectly, handleNewActivity, handleNewChatMessage, handleNewConstraint, handleNewIssue, handleNewReport, initOptions, isReloadingViewers, loadDomain, loadInitialPlan, loadPlan, loadPlan, loadPlan, makeActivityViewer, makeAnnotationViewer, makeIp2Frame, makeIssueViewer, makeLogoPanel, makeModelManager, makeStateViewer, makeViewer, processCommandLineArguments, readDomain, readDomain, reloadViewers, reset, resetAllButState, resetViewers, savePlanAs, startup
Methods inherited from class ix.icore.IXAgent
addAgentNameListener, addExitHook, addStartupHook, adjustLookAndFeel, displayMessage, do_mainStartup, exit, fireSymbolNameChanged, getAgent, getAgentDisplayName, getAgentIPCName, getAgentStartupDate, getAgentSymbolName, getContactManager, getEventLogger, getISimTimer, getKnownAgents, handleReceivedReport, installAgentExtensions, installAgentExtensions, isMainAgent, log, mainStartup, notePossibleNewContact, pre_handleInput, preprocessInput, reportInputException, setAgentSymbolName, setEventLogger, setupISimTimer, startServer
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


protected java.io.PrintStream traceOut


protected boolean trace
Constructor Detail


public SimpleExpandingSimulator()


protected SimpleExpandingSimulator(boolean setAgent)
Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] argv)


public void completeStartup()
Description copied from class: Ip2
Called in the AWT event thread to make the main GUI frame visible and perform any additional setup that ought to be done in that thread.

completeStartup in class Ip2
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public SimpleExpandingSimulator.SimController getSimController()


protected PanelController makeController()
Description copied from class: Ip2
Called to create this agent's controller.

makeController in class Ip2


protected void addHandlers()
Description copied from class: Ip2
Install any built-in issue and activity handlers. Note that the order in which handlers are added here is also the order in which they are asked to add handler-actions.

addHandlers in class Ip2


void getPatternsAndRun()


void simulateExecution(java.util.List patterns)