Class SimpleIQuery.ExampleLookupHandler

  extended by ix.iquery.LookupHandler
      extended by ix.test.SimpleIQuery.ExampleLookupHandler
Enclosing class:

static class SimpleIQuery.ExampleLookupHandler
extends LookupHandler

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class ix.iquery.LookupHandler
lookupActivity, queryAgent
Constructor Summary
SimpleIQuery.ExampleLookupHandler(IQuery queryAgent, Activity lookupActivity)
Method Summary
protected  void handleLookup()
          Looks up information and sends report back to the agent that sent us the activity.
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makeReport, makeReport, makeStateConstraint, makeStateConstraint, makeStateConstraint, makeStateConstraint, sendAbout, sendReply, sendReport, sendReport, sendTo, transcript
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Constructor Detail


SimpleIQuery.ExampleLookupHandler(IQuery queryAgent,
                                  Activity lookupActivity)
Method Detail


protected void handleLookup()
Description copied from class: LookupHandler
Looks up information and sends report back to the agent that sent us the activity. Note that this method is called in a separate thread and is a method of a new instance of the relevant LookupHandler subclass. This allows multiple activities to be handled in parallel without interfering with each other.

Specified by:
handleLookup in class LookupHandler