Class TrainsTest

  extended by ix.iplan.PlanTest
      extended by ix.test.xml.TrainsTest
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public class TrainsTest
extends PlanTest

Describes a trains-domain plan test.

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Nested Class Summary
(package private) static class TrainsTest.TrainsTestRunner
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class ix.iplan.PlanTest
domain, initialPlan, isExhaustive, plans, randomSimulations, stepLimit, task
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 AutoTester.TestRunner makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
          Factory method that returns a new TestRunner that should be used to run this test.
Methods inherited from class ix.iplan.PlanTest
getDomain, getInitialPlan, getIsExhaustive, getPlans, getRandomSimulations, getStepLimit, getTask, setDomain, setInitialPlan, setIsExhaustive, setPlans, setRandomSimulations, setStepLimit, setTask, taskDescription, testDescription, toString
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Constructor Detail


public TrainsTest()
Method Detail


public AutoTester.TestRunner makeTestRunner(AutoTester auto)
Description copied from class: PlanTest
Factory method that returns a new TestRunner that should be used to run this test. This allows PlanTest subclasses to vary the way in which tests are processed.

makeTestRunner in class PlanTest