Class InheritableThreadLocalHoldingStrategy

  extended by ix.util.context.ContextHoldingStrategy
      extended by ix.util.context.ThreadLocalHoldingStrategy
          extended by ix.util.context.InheritableThreadLocalHoldingStrategy

public class InheritableThreadLocalHoldingStrategy
extends ThreadLocalHoldingStrategy

A context-holding strategy that associates context-holders with threads, with inheritance from the parent thread. Although the holder for a thread is inherited from the thread's parent, it may be explicitly set to a different value.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  ContextHolder initialHolder()
          Called to create a holder for a thread that doesn't already have one.
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Constructor Detail


public InheritableThreadLocalHoldingStrategy()
Method Detail


protected ContextHolder initialHolder()
Called to create a holder for a thread that doesn't already have one. Unless overridden in a subclass, this method returns an instance of SynchronizedContextHolder.

initialHolder in class ThreadLocalHoldingStrategy