Interface IXAgentExtension

All Known Implementing Classes:
ComputeExtensionExample, ExtensionExample, ForAllCM, FrameSnapshotExtension, IServeCommServer, IServeSLCommServer, ObjectViewExtension, StateExportExtension, SyncStateClient, SyncStateServer

public interface IXAgentExtension

An object that installs extensions and other modifications to an IXAgent.

A class that implements this interface must have a public 1-argument constructor that declares its parameter as IXAgent or an IXAgent subclass. An extension is installed by constructing an instance of the class, passing an IXAgent as its parameter, and then calling the instance's installExtension() method.


     public class SomeIp2Extension implements IXAgentExtension {

         private Ip2 agent;  // Ip2 is a subclass of IXAgent

         public SomeIp2Extension(Ip2 agent) {
             this.agent = agent;

         public void installExtension() {


Method Summary
 void installExtension()

Method Detail


void installExtension()