Package ix.icore

I-X core classes.


Interface Summary
Annotated Objects that have annotations.
ConstraintManager Constraint Managers.
ConstraintManagerRegistry Constraint Manager Registries.
HasStatus An object that has a Status value.
IssueHandler Issue handlers.
IXAgentExtension An object that installs extensions and other modifications to an IXAgent.
IXObject Properties required of the main data objects in I-X systems.
Sendable Objects that are sent between I-X agents as part of their expected function.

Class Summary
AbstractAnnotatedObject Provides an implementation of the Annotated interface plus support for AnnotationListeners.
AbstractIXObject Provides an implementation of the IXObject interface.
Activity An Activity.
Annotations A Map for annotations.
GenericConstraint Generic constraint that is part of the grammar.
Issue An Issue.
IXAgent Common class for I-X agents.
Priority Priority values.
Report A report sent from another agent.
ReportType Report types.
Status Status values for "completable" entities.
TaskItem Something an agent might be asked to do or to handle.
YesNo YesNo values.

Package ix.icore Description

I-X core classes.