Package ix.icore.domain

Domain descriptions.


Interface Summary
ConstraintStatement An interface for IX constraint statements.
Named An interface implemented by all IX domain objects that have names.
NodeEndRange What Orderings and ConstraintRanges have in common.

Class Summary
AcrossNode A constraint-range that can be used when the range is from the 'begin' of a node to the 'end' of that same node.
AtNodeEnd A constraint-range that should be used when the constraint applies 'at' at a node-end rather than across a range.
Constrainer A common superclass for Constraint and Ordering.
Constraint A general-purpose container for constraint information.
ConstraintRange Represents the range covered by a constraint, 'from' one node-end 'to' another.
Domain A Domain contains descriptions of ways to refine activities by expanding them into subactivities and adding constraints.
End Used to specify the begin or end of a node in a NodeEndRef.
Ordering A probably temporary representation of temporal "before" constraints.
Refinement A Refinement describes one way to carry out a possible activity in a process being modelled.
Refinement.NameComparator A comparator that puts refinements in alphabetical order by name.
TimeWindow Represents a duration range.

Exception Summary
MissingValuesException An exception that can be thrown when a variable, or set of variables, cannot be given a value.

Package ix.icore.domain Description

Domain descriptions.