Class Ip2Applet.AppletIp2

  extended by ix.icore.IXAgent
      extended by ix.ip2.Ip2
          extended by ix.ip2.Ip2Applet.AppletIp2
Enclosing class:

public class Ip2Applet.AppletIp2
extends Ip2

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
Ip2.AddExtensionsHandler, Ip2.AddHandlersHandler
Field Summary
(package private)  AppletCommunicationStrategy commStrategy
(package private)  Domain savedDomain
(package private)  Plan savedPlan
Fields inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
activityViewer, agentTypeName, annotationViewer, classic, controller, domain, frame, issueViewer, logoImage, logoLine1, logoLine2, modelManager, optionManager, resetHooks, showOptions, stateViewer
Fields inherited from class ix.icore.IXAgent
contactManager, displayName, eventLogger, exitHooks, initialDisplayName, ipcName, ipcStrategyName, iSimTimer, mainAgent, nameListeners, startupDate, startupHooks, symbolName, textFrame
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void destroy()
(package private)  void disposeFrames()
 void exit()
          Called when the agent should cease execution.
 java.applet.Applet getApplet()
protected  Ip2Frame makeIp2Frame()
          Called to make the main user interface frame.
(package private)  void restart(Ip2Applet newApplet)
 void start()
protected  void startServer(java.lang.Object agentName, java.lang.String strategyName)
          Set the main (global) IPC communication strategy and set up to receive messages by calling the strategy's setupServer method.
 void stop()
Methods inherited from class ix.ip2.Ip2
addAboutInfo, addForwardingHandler, addHandlers, addHandlers, addResetHook, addTest, addTestMenuItems, addTool, clearAllButState, clearModel, completeStartup, do_reloadViewers, ensureTool, getActivityPatternSyntaxes, getAgentTypeName, getController, getDomain, getFrame, getIp2ModelManager, getModelManager, getOptionManager, getPlan, handleInput, handleInputDirectly, handleNewActivity, handleNewChatMessage, handleNewConstraint, handleNewIssue, handleNewReport, initOptions, isReloadingViewers, loadDomain, loadInitialPlan, loadPlan, loadPlan, loadPlan, main, makeActivityViewer, makeAnnotationViewer, makeController, makeIssueViewer, makeLogoPanel, makeModelManager, makeStateViewer, makeViewer, processCommandLineArguments, readDomain, readDomain, reloadViewers, reset, resetAllButState, resetViewers, savePlanAs, startup
Methods inherited from class ix.icore.IXAgent
addAgentNameListener, addExitHook, addStartupHook, adjustLookAndFeel, displayMessage, do_mainStartup, fireSymbolNameChanged, getAgent, getAgentDisplayName, getAgentIPCName, getAgentStartupDate, getAgentSymbolName, getContactManager, getEventLogger, getISimTimer, getKnownAgents, handleReceivedReport, installAgentExtensions, installAgentExtensions, isMainAgent, log, mainStartup, notePossibleNewContact, pre_handleInput, preprocessInput, reportInputException, setAgentSymbolName, setEventLogger, setupISimTimer
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Field Detail


Plan savedPlan


Domain savedDomain


AppletCommunicationStrategy commStrategy
Constructor Detail


Method Detail


public java.applet.Applet getApplet()


protected Ip2Frame makeIp2Frame()
Description copied from class: Ip2
Called to make the main user interface frame. This merely creates the frame, with almost nothing filled in. The frame's Ip2Frame.setUp() is later called to do most of the work.

makeIp2Frame in class Ip2


protected void startServer(java.lang.Object agentName,
                           java.lang.String strategyName)
Description copied from class: IXAgent
Set the main (global) IPC communication strategy and set up to receive messages by calling the strategy's setupServer method. If the "enqueue-incoming-messages" parameter is true, it uses a BufferedMessageListener so that the thread that supplies a message need't wait for the message to be processed by the panel; otherwise, a plain MessageListener is used. In both cases, the listener delivers the message by calling IXAgent.pre_handleInput(IPC.InputMessage), but a buffered listener has its own thread that waits for that call to return before looking for the next message.

startServer in class IXAgent
See Also:
IPC, IPC.setupServer(Object, IPC.MessageListener), IPC.BufferedMessageListener


public void exit()
Description copied from class: IXAgent
Called when the agent should cease execution.

exit in class IXAgent


public void start()


public void stop()


public void destroy()


void restart(Ip2Applet newApplet)


void disposeFrames()