Class IserveCommunicationStrategy

  extended by ix.iserve.ipc.IServeCommStrategy
      extended by ix.iserve.IserveCommunicationStrategy
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public class IserveCommunicationStrategy
extends IServeCommStrategy

A communication strategy that can be called "iserve". This class exists only for its name. The name does not quite follow the usual capitalisation rules, but this allows it to be called simply "iserve" as a strategy when specifying Parameters to an agent, because of the convention followed by the IPC.makeCommunicationStrategy(String) method.

This class does not contain any significant code and instead just extends another class that provides the actual strategy implementation.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class ix.iserve.ipc.IServeCommStrategy
ableToSend, expectedSeqNo, httpUtil, messageListener, messageMap, nextMessageUrl, receiveThread, receiveThreadCount, registerUrl, SEND_DATE, sendClient, sendUrl, serverBase, tool, uuid
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awaitStartedReceiving, determineServerBase, do_transcript, getAgentName, getReceivedContents, initialCommToolTranscript, installCommTool, makeReceiveClient, makeSendClient, register, reportIdentityCheckFailure, reportProblem, sendObject, setupServer, startReceiving, stoppedReceiving, stopReceiving, transcript, transcriptLater
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Constructor Detail


public IserveCommunicationStrategy()