Class Mark

  extended by ix.util.Mark

public class Mark
extends java.lang.Object

A class used when marking objects as used, visited, etc. An algorithm can create a Mark that is new and hence not == to any Marks created earlier. The new Mark can then be used to mark objects as they are vistied (or whatever). Although Marks are meant to be distinguished by object-identity alone (ie, by ==), they contain some fields for debugging purposes: a String that names the algorithm that created the mark, and a long for tellng Marks apart "visually" (e.g. if they're printed).

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Field Summary
(package private) static long count
(package private)  java.lang.String createdBy
(package private)  long number
Constructor Summary
Mark(java.lang.String createdBy)
Method Summary
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Field Detail


static long count


java.lang.String createdBy


long number
Constructor Detail


public Mark(java.lang.String createdBy)