Package ix.util

General-purpose utilities.


Interface Summary
BoundedGraph A simple "view" interface for directed graphs that have unique start and finish nodes.
Collector A Collector can be given new elements and can return the "result" derived from those elements.
DirectedGraph A simple "view" interface for directed graphs.
Fn1<K,V> An interface for functions of one argument.
Function0 An interface for functions of zero arguments.
Function1 An interface for functions of one argument.
Function2 An interface for functions of two arguments.
Function3 An interface for functions of three arguments.
IPC.CommunicationStrategy An object that determines how various IPC operations are performed.
IPC.Connection An object that can send and receive.
IPC.DestinationTable A mapping from destination names to the data needed to establish connections with the corresponding agents.
IPC.InputMessage An object that represents an incoming message.
IPC.MessageListener An object that is notified when a message is received.
IPC.SocketlikeCommunicationStrategy A CommunicationStrategy that provides "connections" analogous to sockets and a visible mapping from destination names to the data needed to establish a connection.
Markable An interface for markable objects.
Predicate0 An interface for boolean functions of zero arguments
Predicate1<T> An interface for boolean functions of one argument.
Predicate2 An interface for boolean functions of two arguments.
Proc1<T> Procedure object.
ProgramSource An object that represents, or contains, source code.
SemiPrimitive Tagging interface for objects that have a straightforward representation as Strings.
TransitiveClosure The transitive closure of a relation that can be treated as directed graph.
TypedList<E> A List whose elements must be instances of a particluar subclass of Object.
UndoAction An object used to undo something.

Class Summary
AbstractDirectedGraph A utility class that makes it easier to define a DirectedGraph.
AbstractUndoAction Base implementation of an object used to undo something.
CatchingThread A thread that catches and reports errors or exceptions.
Collect Collection and Map utilities
Collect.ShortestFirstComparator A Comparator that orders shorter Collections before longer ones.
ColorGenerator A source of "nice" colors for use in GUIs.
DAGTransitiveClosure The transitive closure of a directed acyclic graph (DAG).
Debug Class for useful static debugging tools
DeepCopier Copies Objects, recursively copying subobjects.
Duration The difference between two dates.
EnumeratedValue Base/utility class for type-safe enumerated values.
FanComposer Composes Object-to-Collection mappings ("fans").
Fn Function utilities
FullTransitiveClosure The transitive closure of a relation (cycles are allowed).
FutureValue Computes a value in a separate thread.
Gensym Name and ID generator a la gensym.
Gensym.Generator A name and ID generator.
Graphs Static graph utilities.
Inf Very simple arithmetic with a pretend positive infinity.
IntRef A modifiable reference to an int.
IO Class for useful static I/O methods that don't belong anywhere else.
IPC Support for interprocess communication in a framework that allows different communication strategies to be used in a uniform way.
IPC.BasicDestinationTable A HashMap implementation of the DestinationTable interface.
IPC.BasicInputMessage A minimal implementation of InputMessage.
IPC.BufferedMessageListener A MessageListener that enqueues messages for processing in a separate thread of the listener's own.
IPC.EmptyCommunicationStrategy A strategy that just throws an exception whenever the agent tries to send.
IPC.SimpleIXCommunicationStrategy An ObjectStream communication strategy for I-X agents.
IPC.SimpleIXXMLCommunicationStrategy An XMLObjectStream communication strategy for I-X agents.
IPC.XMLObjectStreamCommunicationStrategy A version of ObjectStreamCommunicationStrategy that encodes the message contents in XML rather than serializing.
ISODateFormat Converts between Dates and ISO 8601 strings.
JavaNameWordIterator An iterator that returns successive words from a name that follows Java capitalization conventions.
LCNameMapper Maps both ways between short names, in lower-case, and long names.
ListOf Static util methods for TypedLists.
Mark A class used when marking objects as used, visited, etc.
MessageQueue A queue for messages between threads.
MinMax Holds long min and max values.
MultiHashMap A MultiHashMap is (by weak analogy with "multiset") a HashMap that maps each key to a collection of values.
Name Wrapper for relatively short strings used as names.
NameMapper Maps both ways between short and long names.
ObjectComparator Provides a total ordering for arbitrary objects.
ObjectCopier Copies Objects.
ObjectWalker Walks objects.
Parameters The Parameters class contains methods that allow information from application command-line arguments and from Applet parameters to be used in a uniform way.
PatternParser A simple framework for conversion in both directions between LList and String representations of pattern "sentences".
PatternParser.LispPatternParser A parser that uses a Lisp-like syntax.
Patterns A class for pattern-related utilities.
Proc Procedure objects.
PropertyLogger Automatically log property values to a file.
Ref<T> A modifiable reference to an object.
Seq Seq defines some convenient methods for use with sequences, where a sequence is an Object[], a Vector, a LList, or an Enumeration.
SimpleStringBuffer Simple version of StringBuffer without synchronized methods and with no ability to grow beyond its initial capacity.
Strings A class containing useful static string methods.
StructuralEquality Compares two objects to see whether they have the same values in the same places.
TextAreaFrame A text area that has its own frame and some buttons.
ThreadCondition Handles waiting for a condition to be made true by another thread.
TopologicalSorter DAG topological sort, returning ancestors before descendents.
TransferThread A thread that processes a message queue.
UniqueObject Objects used just to be distinct from other objects.
Util Class for useful static methods that don't belong anywhere else.
WithCleanup A class that encapsulates the tricks needed to use a "finally" clause that might throw an exception.

Exception Summary
AssertionFailure The exception thrown by Debug.expect when an assertion is false.
ConsistencyException Thrown when a consistency check detects a problem.
Duration.SyntaxException Describes a syntax error found when constructing a duration from a string.
FailureException Thrown when an operation cannot be completed.
IPC.IPCException The exception thrown by IPC methods.
ParameterException Thrown when there is a problem regarding parameters.
RethrownException An unchecked exception used to wrap other Throwables when they're rethrown.
RethrownIOException An unchecked exception used to wrap IOExceptions when they're rethrown.
ThrownResult An exception used to return a result
Warning An exception that should be seen as a warning.

Package ix.util Description

General-purpose utilities.