Uses of Interface

Packages that use MultiMap Utilities for constructing plans. 
ix.ispace Information about other agents and agent-relationships. 
ix.test Simple applications for testing purposes. 
ix.util General-purpose utilities. 
ix.util.context Context-layering mechanism. 
ix.util.reflect Reflection utilities. 

Uses of MultiMap in

Fields in declared as MultiMap
protected  MultiMap ExamplePlanBuilder.itemToSubitems
          Maps a object to a list of its subobjects.

Uses of MultiMap in ix.ispace

Fields in ix.ispace declared as MultiMap
protected  MultiMap ContactManager.relMap

Uses of MultiMap in ix.test

Fields in ix.test declared as MultiMap
(package private)  MultiMap CompendiumToIX.linkMap

Uses of MultiMap in ix.util

Classes in ix.util that implement MultiMap
 class MultiHashMap
          A MultiHashMap is (by weak analogy with "multiset") a HashMap that maps each key to a collection of values.

Uses of MultiMap in ix.util.context

Subinterfaces of MultiMap in ix.util.context
 interface ContextMultiMap

Classes in ix.util.context that implement MultiMap
 class ContextMultiHashMap
          Maps a key to a context-dependent list.

Uses of MultiMap in ix.util.reflect

Fields in ix.util.reflect declared as MultiMap
(package private)  MultiMap InheritanceTree.classToSubclasses