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Packages that use ContextHolder
ix.util.context Context-layering mechanism. 

Uses of ContextHolder in ix.util.context

Classes in ix.util.context that implement ContextHolder
 class BasicContextHolder
          A simple object that contains a Context.
 class PlainContextHolder
          A "final" version of BasicContextHolder.
 class SynchronizedContextHolder
          A simple, synchronized object that contains a Context.

Fields in ix.util.context declared as ContextHolder
(package private)  ContextHolder GlobalHoldingStrategy.globalContextHolder
protected  ContextHolder ContextValue.holder
protected  ContextHolder ContextHashMap.holder

Fields in ix.util.context with type parameters of type ContextHolder
protected  java.lang.ThreadLocal<ContextHolder> ThreadLocalHoldingStrategy.threadContextHolder

Methods in ix.util.context that return ContextHolder
 ContextHolder ThreadLocalHoldingStrategy.getContextHolder()
          Returns the ContextHolder for the current thread.
 ContextHolder GlobalHoldingStrategy.getContextHolder()
abstract  ContextHolder ContextHoldingStrategy.getContextHolder()
          Returns an appropriate context-holder.
static ContextHolder Context.getContextHolder()
          Returns the context-holder provided by the current context-holding strategy.
protected  ContextHolder ThreadLocalHoldingStrategy.initialHolder()
          Called to create a holder for a thread that doesn't already have one.
protected  ContextHolder InheritableThreadLocalHoldingStrategy.initialHolder()
          Called to create a holder for a thread that doesn't already have one.

Methods in ix.util.context with parameters of type ContextHolder
static void Context.inContext(ContextHolder h, Context c, java.lang.Runnable r)
          Temporarily changes a context-holder's current context around a call to a Runnable's run() method.
static Context Context.popContext(ContextHolder h)
          Moves the specified context-holder to the parent of its current context.
static Context Context.pushContext(ContextHolder h)
          Moves the specified context-holder to a new child of its current context and returns that new context.
 void ThreadLocalHoldingStrategy.setContextHolder(ContextHolder h)
          Sets the ContextHolder for the current thread.
 void ContextHoldingStrategy.setContextHolder(ContextHolder h)
          Changes the context-holder that would be returned, if that makes sense.

Constructors in ix.util.context with parameters of type ContextHolder
ContextBoolean(ContextHolder holder, boolean rootValue)
ContextGensym.Generator(ContextHolder holder)
ContextHashMap(ContextHolder holder)
ContextHashMap(ContextHolder holder, java.util.Map m)
ContextInt(ContextHolder holder, int rootValue)
ContextList(ContextHolder holder)
ContextList(ContextHolder holder, java.util.Collection initialContents)
ContextLong(ContextHolder holder, java.lang.Long rootValue)
ContextString(ContextHolder holder, java.lang.String rootValue)
ContextValue(ContextHolder holder, T rootValue)
LLQueue(ContextHolder holder)
LLQueue(ContextHolder holder, java.util.Collection<? extends E> initialContents)
TypedContextValue(ContextHolder holder, java.lang.Class type, T value)