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Packages that use HttpObjectClient
ix.iserve.ipc The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy. 
ix.util.http HTTP utilities. 

Uses of HttpObjectClient in ix.iserve.ipc

Fields in ix.iserve.ipc declared as HttpObjectClient
(package private)  HttpObjectClient IServeCommStrategy.ReceiveThread.receiveClient
protected  HttpObjectClient IServeCommStrategy.sendClient

Methods in ix.iserve.ipc that return HttpObjectClient
protected  HttpObjectClient IServeCommStrategy.makeReceiveClient()
protected  HttpObjectClient IServeCommStrategy.makeSendClient()

Uses of HttpObjectClient in ix.util.http

Subclasses of HttpObjectClient in ix.util.http
 class HttpStringClient
          Makes HTTP requests that can be regarded as sending a string and receiving one in reply.

Methods in ix.util.http with parameters of type HttpObjectClient
protected static void HttpObjectClient.mainLoop(java.lang.String[] argv, HttpObjectClient http, Fn1<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object> preprocess)