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Packages that use HttpObjectServlet
ix.iserve.ipc The main classes that make up the "iserve" communication strategy.   
ix.util.http HTTP utilities. 

Uses of HttpObjectServlet in ix.iserve.ipc

Subclasses of HttpObjectServlet in ix.iserve.ipc
(package private)  class IServeCommServer.ControlServlet
          Provides a "control" page for the server.
(package private)  class IServeCommServer.NextMessageServlet
(package private)  class IServeCommServer.RegistrationServlet
(package private)  class IServeCommServer.SendServlet

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Subclasses of HttpObjectServlet in
(package private)  class IServeSLCommServer.SLChatbotTestServlet
          Sends a ChatMessage to whatever agent has registered as "chat-service".
(package private)  class IServeSLCommServer.SLNextMessageServlet
(package private)  class IServeSLCommServer.SLRegistrationServelt
(package private)  class IServeSLCommServer.SLReplyServlet
          Sends a reply to whoever sent the last message the replying agent has received.
(package private)  class IServeSLCommServer.SLSendServlet

Uses of HttpObjectServlet in ix.util.http

Subclasses of HttpObjectServlet in ix.util.http
 class HttpStringServlet
          Handles HTTP requests that can be regarded as sending a string and receiving one in reply.