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Packages that use MatchCase
ix.iface.domain Domain parsers and outputters. 
ix.util.match Pattern-matching utilities. 

Uses of MatchCase in ix.iface.domain

Subclasses of MatchCase in ix.iface.domain
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.AdviceParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.BeforeParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.ComputeParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.ConditionParser
static class LTF_Parser.ConstraintParser
          Used to parse a constraint and also, via the makeTemplate method, to describe the syntax.
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.DurationParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.EffectParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.MultipleAnswerComputeParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.OtherConstraintParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.ResourceConstraintParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.TemporalConstraintParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.WindowAtParser
(package private)  class LTF_Parser.WorldStateConstraintParser

Uses of MatchCase in ix.util.match

Fields in ix.util.match declared as MatchCase
protected  MatchCase MatchTable.defaultCase
          This table's default case.

Methods in ix.util.match with parameters of type MatchCase
 void MatchTable.addCase(MatchCase c)
          addCase adds a new MatchCase after those that were added earlier.
 void MatchTable.setDefault(MatchCase c)
          setDefault assigns a MatchCase as the table's default case.