Uses of Class

Packages that use ClassFinder
ix.ip2 I-X Process Panels 
ix.util.reflect Reflection utilities. 
ix.util.xml XML utilities. 

Uses of ClassFinder in ix.ip2

Methods in ix.ip2 that return ClassFinder
 ClassFinder Ip2XMLConfig.makeClassFinder()

Uses of ClassFinder in ix.util.reflect

Subclasses of ClassFinder in ix.util.reflect
 class DashSyntaxClassFinder
          A translator between names and classes that uses lower-case names and separates words within names with dashes.

Fields in ix.util.reflect declared as ClassFinder
protected  ClassFinder ClassSyntax.classFinder

Methods in ix.util.reflect that return ClassFinder
 ClassFinder ClassSyntax.getClassFinder()

Methods in ix.util.reflect with parameters of type ClassFinder
protected static void ClassFinder.do_main(ClassFinder cf)
          A test loop that asks the user for a name and prints the corresponding class (or else null) as determined by the ClassFinder.

Constructors in ix.util.reflect with parameters of type ClassFinder
ClassFinder(ClassFinder base)
ClassSyntax(ClassFinder finder)
DashSyntaxClassFinder(ClassFinder base)

Uses of ClassFinder in ix.util.xml

Fields in ix.util.xml declared as ClassFinder
protected  ClassFinder XMLConfig.defaultClassFinder

Methods in ix.util.xml that return ClassFinder
 ClassFinder XMLConfig.defaultClassFinder()
 ClassFinder XMLConfig.makeClassFinder()

Methods in ix.util.xml with parameters of type ClassFinder
 ClassSyntax XMLConfig.makeClassSyntax(ClassFinder finder)