Package ix.util.xml

XML utilities.


Interface Summary
FileSyntax Reads and writes object representations.

Class Summary
AbstractFileSyntax Convenient base class for FileSyntaxes.
BNFSyntax Describes the (XML) syntax of data objects in a BNF-like style.
FileSyntax.RDFFiles RDF file syntax.
FileSyntax.XMLFiles XML file syntax
FileSyntaxManager Maps file names, URLs, etc to FileSyntaxes.
LiteralDocument XML that can be embedded in objects that can be translated to or from XML.
RelaxNGSyntax Describes the (XML) syntax of I-X data objects as a Relax NG schema.
SyntaxFileFilter A FileFilter for FileSyntaxes.
Xform A class containing useful static XSLT-related utilities.
XML A class containing static XML utilities.
XML.XSAXBuilder A minor variation on the JDOM SAXBuilder class.
XMLConfig A class that can be used to configure the XML tools for a particular application or set of applications.
XMLLoader A utility for obtaining XML documents, or objects represented as XML, from files or URLs, conducting dialogs as required.
XMLSaver A utility for saving objects and XML documents to files, conducting dialogs as required.
XMLSchemaSyntax Describes the (XML) syntax of I-X data objects as an XML schema.
XMLSchemaSyntax.Schema An XML schema.
XMLSyntax Base for objcts that describe the (XML) syntax of data objects in various forms.
XMLTranslator A class for translating between objects and XML.
XMLTreeEditFrame A frame that contains an XML editing panel.
XMLTreeEditFrame.FrameGroup A set of XMLTreeEditFrames that are logically part of the same editor for selection, cut/paste, find, etc.
XMLTreeEditor An XML tree editor as a standalone application main program and I-X agent.
XMLTreeEditPanel A panel that contains an XML tree-editor.
XMLTreeNamespaceManager Handles XML namespace definitions for an XML tree editor.
XMLTreeViewFrame A frame that contains an XML viewing panel.
XMLTreeViewPanel A panel that contains a simplified XML tree-editor suitable for viewing objects without changing them.

Exception Summary
XMLException Thrown to indicate a problem converting to or from XML.

Package ix.util.xml Description

XML utilities.